About Me

Zechen Zhang, 13 - 14 Carnegie Mellon University. Email: zechenz(at)andrew.cmu.edu

Learning Bopomofo now.

Wikipedia entries under construction:

Fall Semester:

  1. Keep going with previous research and finish the report.
  2. Learn CSS and HTML to refine this blog.
  3. Learn some Emacs Lisp and build a template for thesis.
  4. Apply to Ph.D. programs. Hopefully I could get a desired offer this time.

About This Blog

I had an old blog hosted on Blogger for the four years in Tsinghua, documented some funny ana from my undergraduate roomates. But I've been thinking about establishing a blog for myself for a long time. I purchased this domain name in early 2013 but just didn't find time working on it.

Thanks to Prof. John Kitchin's website, I learned about Blogofile, a blog engine written in python, and Github Pages, where I could host my blog for free.

It basically works now. So I'm learning about CSS and HTML in my spare time and hopefully I could do more decoration to my site in the near future.